Read every word if you decide to test. These will be worthless. Use at your own risk. Everything you mint will go to 0.


Beneath every thriving ecosystem, there lies a solid foundation of mutual standards and an advanced toolkit. drc-20 offers just that, serving as your trusty Shiba Inu leading the way!

Think of drc-20 as a fun, explorative leap into the future of Dogecoin. Like a Shiba Inu chasing its tail, we're circling around the potential of off-chain balance states, inspired by brc-20, to bring about a new era of fungibility in the Dogecoin network. Our mission? To place drc-20 as the top Doginal standard on the Dogecoin network, boosted by a toolkit that's as sharp as a Shiba's senses.

But remember, just like training a pup, this journey is a learning process. We're growing, evolving, and discovering the best tricks to master fungibility in Dogecoin. So, don't make any hefty financial decisions based solely on our current fetch game.

Instead, join us in the play yard! We're calling on the Dogecoin pack to explore drc-20, and together, we'll shape the future of the Doginal ecosystem.


Objective: Testing the waters (or grass!) to see if ordinal (doginal) theory can bring a new level of play to the Dogecoin network. Here's how we're learning to fetch:

  1. Use the deploy function to create a drc-20 token.

  2. Utilize the mint function to generate a specific quantity of drc-20 tokens.

  3. Employ the transfer function to facilitate the transfer of a specified amount of drc-20 tokens.

By combining these functions, we can track the drc-20 balance state. Deployments are like the starting whistle of a game, setting the scene without changing the score. Mints are like treats, adding balance only to the lucky Doginal that fetched the mint function. Transfers move the balance between players, but only during the first toss of the transfer function. It's a two-part trick:

  1. Inscribe the transfer function to the sender's address.

  2. Let the sender subsequently execute the transfer function.

Keep in mind, we're learning as we go, using the brc-20 (now replaced with drc-20) playbook as a guide. This should give you a basic understanding of the game, but we've got more tricks to learn and fun to have. So, let's fetch the future of Dogecoin together!

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